It’s Been A While

December 12, 2016

It’s been two years since my last post.  A lot happened during that time…I published a devotional, I had health issues that doctors never could figure out, I moved into a condo.  Not su…

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It’s Been A While

December 12, 2016

The Writer

It’s been two years since my last post.  A lot happened during that time…I published a devotional, I had health issues that doctors never could figure out, I moved into a condo.  Not sure if any of these situations are related…

Did the writing and publishing of a book cause me excessive stress?  Did stress cause me to become ill?  Has condo living improved my health?  Praise God I am feeling better… so much better that I am excited about blogging again.

Yes, it’s been a while, but now there are even more stories to share.  The writer in me is compelled to do what I was created to do…glorify God by sharing the insights He gives me.

Here we go!

Do What You Don’t Want To Do

August 11, 2014

There is POWER in doing what you don’t want to do (in most cases).  God’s Word gives commands; these commands are good for our mind, body and soul. Often times His commands are things we just don’t want to do.  For example, love your enemy (right), honor your father and mother, remember the Sabbath to keep it holy.  These commands go against our nature.

Going our own way, doing what we want – when we want – and how we want can lead us into all sorts of trouble:

  • Not loving your enemy may result in ulcers or disease as you nurse unforgiveness
  • Not honoring your father and mother may cause you to get slapped around, or worse… you could end up with children who are just like you
  • Not taking time to rest and reflect on God as your maker, can cause you to live a life of stress and idolatry

Nancy’s situation was nothing big, like the above mentioned points.  It was the little things that demanded her attention.

It had been a long work day.  Nancy was hot, sweaty, and exhausted.  The humidity was stifling, causing her to be sluggish.  It was approaching 10:30 p.m. and all she wanted to do was Go To Bed.  She needed a shower, but was just too tired. The decision was made… BED!

As she lay in bed sleep did not come. She felt dirty, hot and sticky. After tossing and turning for more than an hour, Nancy got out of bed and took the shower…something she wished she had done earlier.

A few days later she found herself, once again, not wanting to do something.  This time it was getting out of bed.  It was shortly after 6:00 a.m. and the bed felt so good.  “Just a few more minutes”, was her plea.  More than 20 minutes later she rolled out of bed… now rushing.  If only she had gotten out of bed earlier; stress could have been avoided.

Nancy now understands that her life would have flowed so much better had she done the things she did now want to do. This caused her to think, “There is Power in doing what we don’t want to do.”  She then thought of a major situation at work, something she absolutely did not want to do. Maybe the life-lesson could be applied to that situation.  She applied it and was amazed at the outcome.

Is there something in your life you just do not want to do?  Just for today Do What You Don’t Want To Do.  You might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Daddy loved me

June 14, 2014

Daddy loved me.

Daddy loved me

June 14, 2014

Johnny A. Jordan

Johnny A. Jordan

FOR ALMOST 40 YEARS I struggled with being included. Not so long ago, after yet another painful experience, I asked God, “WHY  .  .   .  why does this bother me so?” Things had escalated to the point where it was eating me up inside when people seemingly left me out.  When I cried out to God that day, He took me back to a childhood memory.

I was about five years old. Daddy was tickling my two-year-old little sister. They were having such a good time, they seemed so happy. I stood in the entrance of the doorway and watched. At first I laughed and thought: that looks like so much fun. Then, all of a sudden, I realized I was not part of the beautiful scene. I was not included.

Seizing his opportunity, the Enemy whispered in my spirit that Daddy did not love me; he did not want to play with me. I began to cry. Within seconds my older sister passed by and noticed my tears and runny nose. “What’s wrong with you girl?” she asked gruffly. Through soft sobs I replied, “Daddy don’t love me.” Daddy overheard and immediately brought me into the fun. I recall laughing and laughing. It was so much fun! But the fun was a bit too late; the damage had already been done.

For years I was plagued by the Bold Face Lie of the Enemy that Daddy didn’t love me. Although Daddy played with me that day, I believed he loved my younger sister and older sister more. That awful feeling of not being included became a part of the fabric of my life. When others seemingly did not include me, I unknowingly relived that moment when the Liar whispered to my soul.

As I studied and meditated on love, God made it clear to me just how much Daddy loved me. There was plenty of evidence to support this TRUTH. Daddy was a good man, but unfortunately he struggled with alcohol addiction. When I was older and lived on my own I decided not to be around him when he drank. If he tipped the bottle to make himself merry, I would leave his presence. He soon got the message and would not drink when he knew I was coming to visit because he wanted me around.

Not long ago my sister gave me a photo of myself, a high school portrait. She said, “I’m not sure why it took me so long to give this to you. This was the only photo in Daddy’s wallet when he passed.” Wow! Daddy respected me, was proud of me, and loved me.

This reflection story is in my book, Nine Months to Spiritual Maturity, a Transformational Devotional. To read the rest of this reflection and other stories, get your copy of the book at, or Schuler Books in Grand Rapids, MI.


Eight Thousand Dollars – Part II

May 30, 2014

Eight Thousand Dollars – Part II.

Eight Thousand Dollars – Part II

May 30, 2014


The nurses had Mary sit up in the bed and aimed the machine at her from the hallway. “O Lord” she thought, “How Much Is This Going To Cost?”

After a few hours in the emergency room Mary was released; however, a stress test was scheduled two days later. The next morning, after the emergency visit, the infected tooth would finally be removed.

In the Endodontist office she filled out a questionnaire for the procedure. One question asked if there had been any unusual health situations. Mary wrote that she would be having a stress test the following day.

When the Endodontist saw the comment he responded, “I am not going to pull you tooth!” Mary could not believe her ears. “What… Why?” she asked. He explained that he did not want to be responsible for her death. If the tooth was related to the heart issues, then she could possibly die in his chair. He recommended she get the stress test first.

Mary was more than frustrated. The pain related to the tooth had intensified. She wasn’t sure if she could make it another day. A call was made to the stress-test unit at the hospital. Under the circumstances they were able to give the test that afternoon.

The results of the stress test… a strong, healthy heart. The infected tooth was pulled the next day. Mary asked to see the thing that had caused so much trouble. It was quite dead, resembling a dead piece of wet wood. In a strange sort of way she felt sorry for the poor tooth. The ordeal was over; but why had it happened?

Weeks later medical bills began to roll in: bills from the dentist, periodontist, endodontist, med center, ambulance service, hospital and other health related entities, ranging from $25.00 to $1250.00. Again she wondered why had this happened.

How was she going to pay these bills? Insurance did not cover everything. She wanted to pay a little at a time, but didn’t want to be in debt. There was the $8,000.00. NO… no she did not want to touch that… it was for a real emergency. It was her security blanket.

She continued to wonder WHY, until one day she read in the Bible, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Matthew 6:24. The message was loud and clear. Mary had been serving and trusting in $8,000.00 instead of God. She repented.

Immediately, she took out the check book and began to write checks paying every bill in her possession, and the bills that continued to come… IN FULL. Before it was all over, checks had been written totaling more than $5,300.00, money transferred from the emergency fund.

Mary was relieved that she had the money to pay each bill. She was elated that God had answered the question “Why?”.

Money is fleeting. $8000.00 today can be reduced to pennies tomorrow. Money gives a false sense of security. True security can only come from God. Money is not the solution nor the problem. It is our ATTITUDE about money that is the problem. 

Money is a neutral entity. We do need it to function in society; however, it should NEVER take the place of God.

What about you? Are you serving God or money?



Eight Thousand Dollars – Part I

May 26, 2014

Eight Thousand Dollars – Part I.

Eight Thousand Dollars – Part I

May 26, 2014


Mary had more than $8,000 in her saving account; the goal was $10,000. As a single mom she felt it necessary to have a stash for a rainy day. After all, she’d taken the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course, and learned that an emergency fund was the smart thing to do.

It didn’t take long for her to become debt free, except for the mortgage. With gazelle intensity (as described by Dave Ramsey), Mary applied the debt snowball approach and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the debt dwindled. God was faithful to His Word, and helped her in unexpected ways.

Things were looking good as the emergency fund was growing. In a matter of months, Mary could relax a bit.

Research shows that financial security is important to women. Being single makes money an even greater priority. Without the second paycheck of a spouse, anxieties and worries over money are very real to a single individual… especially a single parent.

Mary was feeling pretty good about life. Then it began. A pain in an upper left tooth. The tooth was infected. The dentist prescribed antibiotics. The pain left.

A few weeks later, the pain returned. The dentist tried a stronger dose of antibiotics with positive results for only a few weeks. The infection would not go away. Mary was sent to a periodontist who sliced her gums and cut off the tip of the root of the infected tooth. The Periodontist said 95% of the time the procedure worked. Mary was in the 5 percentile… it didn’t work.

The pain intensified and the decision was made to remove the tooth. The day before the tooth was to be removed, Mary experienced a heavy sensation in her chest area. Her heart was beating irregularly. Could I be having a heart attack? she thought. Someone had mentioned that infections in the mouth could travel down to the heart and kill.

Naturally, Mary was concerned. She went online to find out about the symptoms of a heart attack. What she read seemed to align with what was happening within her body. The research also said NOT to drive yourself to the hospital, but to call 911. Mary thought about the cost and decided to call a friend instead to take her to a Med Center.

At the Med Center things checked out fine, but because of what Mary had described the decision was made to send her to the emergency room in an ambulance. The hospital staff ran a series of test which caused Mary to wonder again about the cost. It wasn’t until they brought out a machine that was so big it didn’t fit in the room. The nurses had Mary sit up in the bed and aimed the machine at her from the hallway. “O Lord” she thought, “How Much Is This Going To Cost?”


God’s Timing Is Perfect – Happy Mother’s Day

May 11, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day


Image While attending a retreat, five and a half hours from home, this past weekend, I received the news Saturday afternoon that my mother had passed.  Total Shock!  I felt helpless.  I was in no condition to drive myself home – I had come on a charter bus with 60 other women.  Even if I was able to get home what could I do except stare in space.  Mama lived in the south and I resided in the north, and the retreat was held almost in the middle.  It was a perplexing situation.

After staring into space, talking to God, and finally resting, I felt compelled to attend one of the late afternoon workshops entitled, “Urgent Prayer Care”.  It turned out to be a divine appointment.  We learned the ABCs of praying for someone in a crisis:  A– address the situation, B – bring God into the…

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